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Unspoiled Italy Houses

Who We are

About our company

We have experience and knowledge of the local real estate market and will accompany you step-by -step with your project in Italy. 

Unspoiled Italy Houses

is a real estate agency founded by Monica Verrocchio.  With twenty years of experience as a lawyer and property manager with a deep love and knowledge of the territory, she can procure a local team of professionals and help you to experience the positive side of the fascinating Italian culture.

Our Mission

To understand the requirements of our clients and select the best matching properties. The task is carried out professionally and with complete discretion. Together we will work towards, understanding exactly what you are looking for … and we will find it! 

Our Vision

To help you to overcome language and culture barriers because coming to Italy should be a happy experience. Unspoiled Italy Houses has knowledge of the local market, a full range of estate agency services, is multilingual and competent.  

Our Resources

Our Portfolio includes properties at all prices in the most suitable and panoramic locations of central Italy. We work mainly in Abruzzo and Molise but upon request, throughout the whole country. We can offer you residential, commercial and investment properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can use our FAQ section to familiarize yourself with rules, laws and other important information relating to your property in Italy.

The right to buy land or a property in Italy is available to most nationalities although it can vary based on the country. For example, citizens of the European Union (EU) can buy a home in Italy following the same procedures as for Italian citizens.  If you have Swiss nationality, you can only purchase your holiday home with a floor space area of less than 200 square meters and the land apportioned to any second homes cannot exceed 1,000 square meters. Contact us for more information.

The Preliminary sales agreement is a private agreement between the buyer and the seller. This legally binding contract commits both parties to the transfer of ownership and to complete the purchase, paying the balance of the agreed price on a specified future completion date. For this reason, it is frequently called a preliminary contract (in Italian Contratto preliminare or Compromesso).  Another final deed will be executed on completion of the acquisition. It is a complex legal document, which should always be considered with the assistance of specialised Italian lawyers before signing to avoid the pitfalls of the property market.

Upon exchange of the preliminary contract, a deposit, normally 10-20% of the purchasing price, is payable by the Buyer to the Vendor. In the event that the Buyer decides not to pursue the purchase, the preliminary contract can be cancelled at anytime. In such case, the Vendor have the right to retain the paid deposit. On the other hand, if the Vendor back out of the property sale, they will be liable for double the amount of the paid deposit.

According to Italian practice, Notaries are chosen and appointed by the buyer. The notary acts for both parties and is completely neutral. Indeed, Italian Notaries are public officers who are responsible for:

  1. verifying that the documents and the transaction complies with laws and regulations;
  2. reading the whole deed of sale to ascertain the real intentions of the parties making sure they are aware of the legal consequences coming from the deed;
  3. receiving all the taxes and duties related to the transaction to be transferred to the Italian Tax Authority (Agenzia delle Entrate);
  4. registering the contract and inscribe the property – change to the land register; 

The signature of the deeds of sale (rogito) before the Notary, together with the negotiations and the preparation of the preliminary contract, is the most delicate stage of the whole purchasing process, especially if you do not speak Italian. For this reason, we will help you throughout the following procedure:

  • the contract will be prepared by the notary in Italian (technical legal) language and in the language of the Buyer. The translation costs are normally divided between the parties; 
  • Buyer and Vendor check the contract and communicate any eventual corrections to the notary; 
  • the date for the deed will be decided;
  • In case one or both the parties are not able to attend the final completion, the deed can also be signed by a legal representative for each party executing a special Power of Attorney which allows the lawyer or a trusted person to represent the parties before the Notary.
  • Before signing the deed, the Buyer is now asked to pay the eventual stage payment or the balance of the purchase price to the Vendor. A cashier’s check (Assegno circolare) will be handed over to the Vendor. It is also possible to use the notary’s dedicated bank account (normally without any additional costs); 

The original Italian energy performance certificate (Attestato di Prestazione Energetica or APE) needs to be attached to the final deed signed by the parties.

Property purchase in Italy is not cheap.  A rule of thumb is that 10 – 15% of the purchase price is what you can expect to pay in purchase taxes (Notaio fees, real estate agent fees, survey or site inspection costs, legal fees and government taxes). According to Italian practice, all costs for the notary and taxes are paid by the Buyer.

There are different taxes applied to a property purchase, depending on various factors.
For example, different rates of taxes apply if the property is sold by a “private” seller or by a Company. If the house is purchased as a “first home” (that means that by 18 months after the purchase date the buyer registers the house as his main residence, (in Italian prima casa), a lower rate is applicable within certain requirements.

We can provide the best advice on the fiscal regime applicable to the purchase of your property in Italy and any possible tax deduction. Contact us for more information.

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